Portable Air Conditioner Rental

Rental of portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers and chillers


Keeping your office space cool is essential to maintaining a happy workspace for your employees. When your HVAC system goes out, having accurate cooling and dehumidification is also crucial to protecting the products in your warehouse. Don’t let equipment failure cause you to loose employees or lead to business catastrophe. We offer temporary rentals of HVAC, cooling, and air conditioners for all types of environments and in any location in the United States.

Film Studio and Movie Production

When you are trying to create a film, the last thing you want to think about is whether the people involved are cool. Experience matters! We have over 16 years of experience temporarily cooling sets, studios, movie production areas and film studios. We have worked on the sets of films like

The Green Lantern

Big Momma House 3

Endless Love (2013)

For the recent movie Endless Love, we helped them obey union by-laws of serving hot meals every 4 hours. Our portable air conditioners kept their tents cool so the catering company could cook and serve meals to the movie actors and crew.

Make sure your actors, actresses and crew are cool, dry and happy. Rent a HVAC system and we will deliver it to your set ASAP.

portable ac trailerCommercial

PHVAC can design and implement climate control solutions for wide variety of commercial building applications based on cooling needs and electrical availability. From simple spot cooling to sophisticated long-term large applications. We offer complete assistance including 24-hour emergency service to portable power and distribution support, PHVAC can help you protect sensitive equipment, continue productivity, and have a plan for any type disaster.


Portable HVAC has access to a wide range of chillers, and can determine and size equipment according to your needs. From 10-400 ton air-cooled chillers, 300 – 1200 ton water-cooled chillers, and all accessories including pumps, hoses, piping, and transformers, for process and comfort cooling applications.

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 Rentals Available

SPOT COOLERS: 1 to 10 Ton

• Heat Pump

• Water Cooled


• Trailer Mounted

• Skid Mounted

AC CHILLERS: 2 to 1000 Ton

• Air Cooled

• Water Cooled

HEATERS: 5 to 150 kW Electric

• 70K - 4M BTU Direct Fired

• 300K - 4M BTU Indirect Fired

POWER GENERATORS: 5 kW to 2 Megawatt

• Transformers

• Distribution