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“Chill out” and “stay cool” with a portable cooling towers rental from a complete line and large inventory offered by Portable Heaters and Air Conditioning, Inc. Portable cooling towers are an excellent choice for efficient cooling of a warehouse, movie set, office space or for cooling workers on a production line. With air cooled and water cooled units ranging in size from 1 to 10 tons, utilizing various power sources, we can deliver and install our units anywhere in the continental United States 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Portable Heaters and Air Conditioning, Inc. is equipped and prepared for every situation, including disaster recovery, emergency equipment failures or planned outages. Warehouse, Hospital emergency rooms, board rooms, large tents, office space, retail floor space, movie sets, industrial motor cooling and special events are just a few of the situations Portable Heaters and Air Conditioning, Inc. has effectively used cooling towers to keep it “cool” when the “heat is on”! There are thousands of possible cooling tower applications, with some requiring custom built walls. For example for movie sets we built 20 foot walls around our chillers and cooing towers to reduce the noise. We also cooled large tents where celebrities and movie set crews stayed cool while enjoying meals prepared by chefs. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to evaluate each of these unique situations to ensure optimal equipment selection, optimal cooling outcomes and exceptional pricing. Our cooling towers and ac chiller systems are available for short term rentals, long term rentals and purchase.

Delivery of Portable Cooling Towers anywhere in the US!

We deliver our portable Cooling Towers, AC Chillers, and HVAC systems anywhere you are located in the US. Most importantly, Portable Heaters and Air Conditioning, Inc. is absolutely committed to untouchable customer service! Make Portable Heaters and Air Conditioning, Inc. your choice for all of your cooling needs. We are the cool choice and have the best deals on Cooling Towers and AC Chillers in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and everywhere!

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Rentals Available

SPOT COOLERS: 1 to 10 Ton

• Heat Pump

• Water Cooled


• Trailer Mounted

• Skid Mounted

AC CHILLERS: 2 to 1000 Ton

• Air Cooled

• Water Cooled

HEATERS: 5 to 150 kW Electric

• 70K - 4M BTU Direct Fired

• 300K - 4M BTU Indirect Fired

POWER GENERATORS: 5 kW to 2 Megawatt

• Transformers

• Distribution